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The School of Psychology offers both single honor and joint honor programmes in Psychology.


The undergraduate programmes in Psychology reflect the theme that psychology is the examination of the mind and how it relates to behaviour. Students cover a wide variety of topics ranging from social psychology to neuroscience. The School trains students to become analytic and critical in their approach to problems and to improve their communication and group skills with practical classes, project work and oral presentations playing an important role in the undergraduate programme. This preparation is designed to cultivate a high level of competence in scholarship and research enabling the successful graduate to proceed directly to advanced postgraduate work, professional training or a productive career. All information on applications/admissions for our undergraduate course, including mature student applications, can be found on the College’s Admission’s Office webpage.


The School offers the following undergraduate programmes in Psychology:

Single Honor Psychology (CAO Code TR006)

Places 2015: 31
Points 2015: 555

Students following the single honor programme study Psychology almost exclusively for four years. The single honor degree confers eligibility for Graduate Membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland and the British Psychological Society.

TSM Psychology (CAO Code TR001)

Places 2015: 17
Points 2015: 580

TSM refers to the Two Subject Moderatorship programme in TCD which is a joint honors programme. Psychology may be combined with one other subject within the TSM programme. Both subjects are normally studied for three years and one subject only is studied in the fourth year. An honors degree is awarded in both subjects.

The TSM Psychology programme includes many of the same modules taken by single honor students. Whilst TSM students take less modules than single honor students, the programme is structured in such a way as to ensure that students cover all of the principle areas of Psychology.

Students who satisfactorily complete four years of the TSM course are eligible for Graduate Membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland and the British Psychological Society.

A more detailed overview of the Freshman (first and second) and Sophister (third and fourth) years of both the Single Honor and TSM programmes is available by clicking on the following links:

Detailed descriptions of each of the modules offered in each of the four years of the Schools undergraduate programmes in the current academic year are available by clicking on the menu options on the left.

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