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The Sophister years

By the Junior Sophister (third) year you will have identified areas within psychology that are of particular interest to you and you will have the opportunity to develop these interests throughout the sophister years. In addition to a number of core advanced modules, you will choose modules from a series of advanced options. These optional modules will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the various branches of psychology and the different ways in which research is carried out. The options you select may also help you to make decisions about your future career, if it is to be in psychology. Single Honor students and TSM students majoring in Psychology also take additional modules in research methods and statistics.

On completion of the Sophister years, students must have taken at least one module at advanced level from each of the five specified thematic areas: Biological, Cognitive, Social, Personality & Individual Differences, Developmental.

As a Junior Sophister (third) year student you will carry out a group research project on an important community-based psychological issue. This will give you experience of working as a team member, of working with a range of research methodologies in psychology, and of presenting psychological research. A series of seminars in the Junior Sophister year in which staff talk directly about their own research gives you a first-hand account of the research process.

In the Senior Sophister (fourth) year a large part of your workload involves carrying out an independent research project under the supervision of a member of staff. Typically, the topic you choose to investigate will coincide with your supervisors own research work, giving you all the benefits and support of an active and accessible research group. Many students report that this project, while challenging, is one of the most rewarding parts of the course.