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Trinity College Dublin, School of Psychology
CPD Professional Training in Psychometrics for Post-Graduate Qualified Psychologists

September 2013– June 2014

PSI (or Equivalent) Graduate Membership Required          Expressions of interest to:

7 Friday classes 5pm–8pm                                                                           11 Saturday classes 10am–4/5 pm

This course is for Psychologists who already hold a postgraduate qualification and are seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in the use of psychometric tests in their professional practice.  An existing level of competence and professionalism, along with previous academic work on the principles and statistics of psychological measurement are required of applicants.  The Psychological Society of Ireland’s Code of Professional Ethics must be adhered to by all course participants. 

Each participant is provided with a full Woodcock Johnson test kit (cognitive and academic achievement) on loan for the year, and given a textbook and test protocols for practice administrations. Considerable time must be invested between classes for practice administrations, scoring, interpretation and report writing.  Participants must contract with a practicing psychologist who engages in formal assessments for Supervision of work on the course and organise access from colleagues to the remaining test kits for the time periods needed.  Supervision is arranged and paid for on your own. Participants must have professional liability insurance in place prior to their first practice administration.  

Fees will be set to cover all course-related costs only and so will ultimately be based on the number of participants. Fee is anticipated to be approximately €2,500 payable prior to the start date.

2013-14 TIMETABLE has not yet been scheduled but will be similar to  last year  as below.


Topics covered
Participants are required to have completed related reading PRIOR to each of the classes

Fri 21st  Sept

Welcome & Introduction to the course.
PSI / EFPA guidelines and Ethics in Assessment.
Professional protocols around assessment-consent, liaising with relevant others; history taking.
Collect WJ's & Texts

Sat 22nd Sept

Review of Psychological Test Measurements:
Statistics and Psychometrics. 
Determining what test(s) to administer.
Clinical Interviewing children
Clinical Interviewing adults

Sat 13th Oct

Conners' 3 Rating Scales (Adult and Child)
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.
Achievement : Theory and support for the Woodcock Johnson Tests (bring manuals)
WJ Tests of Academic Achievement -administration and scoring (bring test kit)

Fri 2nd  Nov

Woodcock Johnson Tests of Academic Achievement – review protocols (bring manual)

Sat 3rd  Nov

Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability I
(bring test kit and manual)

Fri 23rd Nov

Report Writing I

Sat 24th Nov

Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability II
(bring test kit and manual)

Fri 14th Dec

Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability III

Sat 15th Dec

Introduction to Wechsler Scales:
WISC-IV-admin & scoring  (bring test kit and manual)

Fri 12th Jan

Submit WJ assignment

Sat 13th Jan

Wechsler Scale of Intelligence IV – Discrepancy analysis; interpretation  (bring manual & completed protocol)

Sat 10th Feb

WAIS IV-administration, scoring & interpretation
(bring test kit and manual)

Fri 9th Mar

WAIS IV- follow-up. (bring test kit and manual & practice profiles)

Sat 10th Mar

WRAT IV- administration, scoring & interpretation

Sat 6th  Apr

Projective assessment (drawings, sentences)
Diagnostic issues (boundaries of competence, DSM, etc.)
Report writing & Recommendations  (bring a  USB/memory stick)

Fri 10th May

WIAT- administration, scoring & interpretation
(bring test kit and manual)

Sat 11th May

Adult self-report measures

Sat 8th June


Up to 20th  Aug.

Submit full report assignment
Submit final course evaluation form

Upon ‘pass’ mark on assignment

Course completion  certificate with list of all tests covered based on attendance sheets will be posted to you

Expressions of interest to: