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Prof. Ian Robertson and Dr. Laura McAvinue win best paper award 2012, Journal of Cognitive Psychology

A paper by Professor Ian Robertson and Dr Laura McAvinue from the School of Psychology, along with colleagues at Copenhagen University, has been awarded the Journal of Cognitive Psychology's 'best paper award' for 2012; and Dr McAvinue has been awarded a prize of 500 euro.

The paper entitled “The relationship between sustained attention, attentional selectivity, and capacity” can be found here

The Theory of Visual Attention (TVA; Bundesen, 1990) provides a quantitative account of visual attentional selectivity and capacity but does not include a parameter relating to sustained attention. We conducted two studies to examine the relationship between sustained attention and the TVA parameters relating to selectivity and capacity. In the first study (n=46; mean age=41,SD=10), we investigated the effects of self alerting during a combined whole and partial report task (CombiTVA). In the second study, 70 participants (aged 20–69), performed the CombiTVA and the Sustained Attention to Response Task (Robertson, Manly, Andrade, Baddeley, & Yiend, 1997). The results indicated that attentional selectivity and capacity were unaffected by self alerting, unrelated to sustained attention ability and robust to the adverse effects of time-on-task. These findings are in keeping with the idea of independent functions relating to sustained attention and attentional selectivity and capacity.