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The EquitAble Project 

The EquitAble Project is funded by the FP7 programme. It is researching how to promote greater access to health care for people with disabilities and other marginalised groups in four African countries: Sudan, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa, in collaboration with Irish and Norwegian researchers. The project undertook policy analysis, intensive ethnographic and extensive household surveys. It has developed a new policy analysis framework - EquiFrame - which will be used to guide all future policy revision and development in Sudan, and was the guiding framework for the development of Malawi's first National Health Policy, to be launched later this year. There are currently plans to use EquiFrame in other countries and it has already been used to evaluate the health-related donor policies of the Governmental aid agencies in Ireland, UK and Norway. More than 10 papers have now being published using EquiFrame; ethnographic work is currently being published and the consortium is about to embark on analysis of its unique quantitative data-set of over 32,000 people across 17 sites in Africa. 


From L to R: Dr Gubela Mji, Director, Centre for Rehabilitation Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; Joanne McVeigh, Research Assistant, Centre for Global Health & School of Psychology, TCD; Elina Amadhila, Research Assistant, Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Namibia.

EquitAble Project

From L to R: Prof. Elsheikh Mahjoub, Chairperson of Ahfad University for Women (AUW) Research Committee; Dr Abubaker Badri,  AUW; Professor Mac MacLachlan, EquitAble Project Coordinator, Centre for Global Health & School of Psychology, TCD; Dr. Bahar Idris Abugarda, Minister of Health, Sudan; Dr Hasheem Mannan, EquitAble Project Manager, Centre for Global Health & School of Psychology, TCD; Prof Mutamad Amin, Dean of Research, AUW and EquitAble Project Work Package Leader.

EquitAble Project Team

Some of the Equitable Project Team members at the project meeting in Khartoum, February, 2013.