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Fleur Heleen Boot
Visiting Research Fellow, Psychology
Visiting Research Fellow, Trinity Centre for Global Health

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Pel, J.J.M., Kooiker, M.J.G., Van Der Does, J.M.E., Boot, F.H., De Faber, J.T., Van Der Steen-Kant, S.P., Van Der Steen, J., Orienting responses to various visual stimuli in children with visual processing impairments or infantile nystagmus syndrome, Journal of Child Neurology, 29, (12), 2014, p1632-1637 Journal Article, 2014

Pel, J.J.M., Van Der Zee, Y.J., Boot, F.H., Evenhuis, H.M., Van Der Steen, J., Remote eye tracking assesses age dependence processing of coherent motion in typically-developing children, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 37, (2), 2013, p109-115 Journal Article, 2013

Boot, F.H., Pel, J.J.M., Vermaak, M.P., van der Steen, J., Evenhuis, H.M., Delayed visual orienting responses in children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 57, (12), 2013, p1093-1103 Journal Article, 2013

Boot, F.H., Pel, J.J.M., Evenhuis, H.M., van der Steen, J., Factors related to impaired visual orienting behavior in children with intellectual disabilities, Research in Developmental Disabilities, 33, (5), 2012, p1670-1676 Journal Article, 2012

Boot, F.H., Pel, J.J.M., Evenhuis, H.M., van der Steen, J., Quantification of visual orienting responses to coherent form and motion in typically developing children aged 0-12 years, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 53, (6), 2012, p2708-2714 Journal Article, 2012

Pel, J., Does, L.V.D., Boot, F., Faber, T.D., Steen-Kant, S.V.D., Willemsen, S., Steen, H.V.D., Effects of visual processing and congenital nystagmus on visually guided ocular motor behaviour, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 53, (4), 2011, p344-349 Journal Article, 2011

Boot, F.H., Pel, J.J.M., van der Steen, J., Evenhuis, H.M., Cerebral visual impairment: Which perceptive visual dysfunctions can be expected in children with brain damage? A systematic review, Research in Developmental Disabilities, 31, (6), 2010, p1149-1159 Journal Article, 2010

Research Expertise


Main research interests include Intellectual Disability, Global Healthcare, Assistive Technology, Health Inequities, and Public Health Policies.


Awards and Honours

Marie Curie ASSISTID fellowship 15-09-2016