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Claire Gillan
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Assistant Professor, Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN)


Claire gained her PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2013 under the supervision of Trevor Robbins. She stayed in Cambridge to complete a short postdoc funded by the Medical Research Council, before being awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at New York University. At NYU, Claire worked on computational approaches to understanding psychiatry with Nathaniel Daw and Liz Phelps. In 2015, Claire received the Junior Investigator Award from British Association for Psychophamacology for her work on goal-directed learning in obsessive-compulsive disorder. She serves on the editorial board for Brain and Neurosciences Advances, the new flagship journal of the British Neuroscience Association.

Claire's lab at Trinity College Dublin is interested in developing novel approaches to studying brain health in psychiatric and ageing populations - a key goal is to develop objective tests that can be used to predict who will respond to which treatment. Claire was recently awarded a fellowship from MQ to do just that.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Computational Psychiatry, Machine-Learning, Goal-Directed Behaviour, Model-Based Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Habits.


  • Title
    • The DETECT project Developing a global infrastructure for digital brain health research at GBHI
  • Funding Agency
    • Global Brain Health Institute
  • Date From
    • 01/2018
  • Date To
    • 01/2020
  • Title
    • A computational approach to identifying trans-diagnostic predictors of antidepressant response
  • Summary
    • Many patients with depression do not respond to their first drug treatment; it often takes several attempts before something works. This lack of precision means that patients suffer through months of ineffective treatment before getting any relief. I aim to improve matters by developing a tool that can be used to estimate a person's likelihood of benefitting from a range of treatments, based on a set of clinical, demographic and cognitive data, which are designed to be feasible to collect in a clinical setting. In order to develop this algorithm, using a technique called machine learning, we need lots of data. Specifically, we need to collect data from hundreds of individuals who are starting out on a new antidepressant treatment and follow their progress over several weeks. To achieve this, I will take this study out of the laboratory and into people's homes via the Internet. Once the algorithm has been trained using data collected online, we will test how well it performs in three local clinics. If successful, this project might one day revolutionise how we assign personalised treatments to individuals suffering from mental health problems.
  • Funding Agency
    • MQ
  • Date From
    • 2017
  • Date To
    • 2020
  • Title
    • A neurocomputational investigation of Pavlovian-instrumental interactions in avoidance
  • Funding Agency
    • Wellcome Trust
  • Date From
    • 2013
  • Date To
    • 2017


Awards and Honours

Provost's Scholarship Project Award 2017

MQ Fellows Award 2017

Ziskind-Somerfeld Research Award for Outstanding Research Investigations in Biological Psychiatry, Honorable Mention 2015

Junior Investigator Award, British Association for Psychopharmacology 2015

Postdoc Travel Award, British Association for Psychopharmacology 2015

UK Science & Innovation Network Travel Grant 2014

InSRI Annual Meeting Poster Award 2014

Guarantors of Brain Travel Award 2013

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013

Isaac Newton Trust Public Engagement Grant 2013

Medical Research Council Centenary Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012

Oon Khye Beng Chʹhia Tsio Studentship Award 2011

Downing College Academic Travel Award 2011

Oon Khye Beng Chʹhia Tsio Studentship Award 2010

Medical Research Council PhD Studentship 2009

Cambridge European Trust Studentship (declined) 2009

Hodson Endowment Award 2006

University College Dublin, Entrance Scholarship 2006


Society of Biological Psychiatry 2015

British Association for Psychopharmacology 2013