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Alison M Kay
Research Assistant, Psychology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Siobhán Corrigan, Alison Kay, Katie O'Byrne, Dubhfeasa Slattery, Sharon Sheehan, Nick McDonald, David Smyth, Ken Mealy and Sam Cromie, A Socio-Technical Exploration for Reducing & Mitigating the Risk of Retained Foreign Objects, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15, 2018 Journal Article, 2018 URL DOI

Transferring Learning Across Safety-Critical Industries in, editor(s)Malcolm MacLachlan , Maritime Psychology Research in Organizational & Health Behavior at Sea, Cham, Springer International Publishing, 2017, pp49 - 68, [Paul M. Liston, Alison Kay, Sam Cromie, Nick McDonald, Bill Kavanagh, Roddy Cooke, Peter Walter] Book Chapter, 2017 DOI URL

De Looze, C., Brian Vaughan, B., Kelly, F. and Kay, A., Providing Objective Metrics of Team Communication Skills via Interpersonal Coordination Mechanisms, Interspeech 2015, Dresden, Germany, 6-10 September, 2015 Conference Paper, 2015

McDonald, N., Kay, A.Liston, P., Morrison, R., and Ryan, M, An integrated Framework for Crew-Centric Flight Operations, 12th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics as part of HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, 2nd-7th August 2015, edited by Don Harris , 2015 Conference Paper, 2015

Corrigan, S. Martensson, L., Kay, A., McDonald, N., Implementing Collaborative Decision Making: Challenges & Recommendations., Journal of Cognition, Technology & Work, 17, (2), 2015, p207 - 218 Journal Article, 2015 URL

Kay, A., Liston, P. and Cromie, S.D., Measuring Crew Resource Management:, HCI International 2014, Crete, Greece, 22-27 June 2014, edited by Don Harris , 2014 Conference Paper, 2014

Corrigan, S., Martensson, L., Kay, A., Okwir, S., Ulfvengren, P. and McDonald, N. , Preparing for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) implementation: an evaluation and recommendations, Cognition, Technology and Work, 2014 Journal Article, 2014

Monferini, A., Konstantinidou, M., Nivolianitou, Z., Weber, S., Kontogiannis, T., Kafka, P., Kay, A., Leva, C. and Demichela, M., A compound methodology to assess the impact of human and organisational factors impact on the risk level of hazardous industrial plants, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 119, 2013, p280 - 289 Journal Article, 2013

Maritime Work: Psychosocial and organisational aspects of work at sea and their implications for health and performance in, editor(s)Carter. T. & Schreiner, A , Textbook of Maritime Medicine. , Bergen, Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine., 2013, [Malcolm MacLachlan, Sam Cromie, Paul Liston, Bill Kavanagh, and Alison Kay] Book Chapter, 2013

Monferini, A., Konstantinidou, M., Nivolianitou, Z.,Weber, S., Kontogiannis, T., Kafka, P., Kay, A., Leva, C. and Demichela, M,, A compound methodology to assess the impact of human and organizational factors impact on the risk level of hazardous industrial plants , Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 119, 2013, p280 - 289 Journal Article, 2013

MacLachlan, M., Kavanagh, B. and Kay, A., Maritime Health: A review with suggestions for research, International Maritime Health, 63, (1), 2012, p1 - 6 Journal Article, 2012 Other

Liston, P., Kay, A., Cromie, S., Leva, C., D'Cruz, M., Patel, H., Langley, A., Sharples, S. and Aromaa, S. , Evaluating the Iterative Development of VR/AR Human Factors Tools for Manual Work. , 18th World Congress of Ergonomics, Recife, Brazil, February 12-16, 2012 Conference Paper, 2012

Liston, P., Kay, A., Cromie, S., Leva, M.C., D'Cruz, M., Patel, H., Langley, A., Sharples, S., and Aroma, S., Evaluating the iterative development of VR/AR human factors tools for manual work., Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 2012, p2208 - 2215 Journal Article, 2012

Liston, P., Cromie, S., Kay, A., Leva, C., D'Cruz, M., Patel, H., Langley, A., Sharples, S., Aromaa, S.,Vizzo, C. , Evaluating a Modular Virtual Reality Platform for High-Skilled, High-Value Manual Tasks in Real Industrial Cases, Joint VR Conference of euroVR and EGVE, Nottingham, UK, September 20-21, 2011 Conference Paper, 2011

Leva, C., Kay, A., Smith T., Diez A., Azpiazu J., Liston, P. and Cromie S., The Use of Augmented Reality to Support Maintenance: Human Factors Issues and Advantages. , Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference , June 2011, 2011 Conference Paper, 2011

A. Monferini, M. Konstandinidou, Z. Nivolianitou, S. Weber, T. Kontogiannis, P. Kafka, A.M. Kay, M.C. Leva, M. Demichela, Human & Organizational Factors impact on risk level in an NG treatment and storage plant, ESREL, Rhodes, Greece, 5-9 September , 2010 Conference Paper, 2010

Leva, C.; Liston, P.; Kay, A.; Cromie, S.; Krassi, B; Aromaa, S, Human Factors Methods in ManuVAR: A Contribution to Go beyond Leand and Agile Approaches , Proceedings Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference 2010, Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference 2010, Limerick, Oct. 2010, ISSN 1649-2102, 2010, pp17 - 26 Conference Paper, 2010 URL

Rignér, J., Ulfvengren, P., Kay, A., Measuring safety performance - Strategic risk data, EASS, 21st annual European Aviation Safety Seminar, Nicosia, Cyprus, March 16-18, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

Rignér, J., Ulfvengren, P., Cooke, M., Leva, C. and Kay, A., Study of safety performance indicators and contributory factors as part of an airline systemic safety risk data model, 17th world congress on Ergonomics, IEA 2009, Bejing, China, 9-14 August, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

Maria Chiara Leva, Alison Kay, Joan Cahill, Gabriel Losa, Sharon Keating, Diogo Serradas, and Nick McDonald , Unique Reporting Form: Flight Crew Auditing of Everyday Performance in an Airline Safety Management Syste, Proceedings, Part II. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5618 , HCI 2009, San Diego, CA, USA, July 2009, Springer, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

M.C. Leva, F. Mattei, A. Kay, S. Cromie, The Development of a Tool for Modeling Tasks in Safety Critical, Irish Ergonomic Society Annual Review, Dublin, June, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

M. Chiara Leva, J. Cahill, A. Kay, G. Losa, N. McDonald, The Development of a Unique Report for Performance Monitoring in an Airline Safety Management System, 18th AR2TS symposium, Loughborough, England, 21st - 23rd of April, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

M.C. Leva, J.Cahill, A.M.Kay, G.Losa, N.McDonald, The Advancement of New Human Factiors Report- 'The Unique Report' - Faciliating Flight Crew Auditing of Performance/Operations as part of an Airline's Safety Management system , Ergonomics , 2009 Journal Article, 2009

Leva M.C, Cahill, J., Kay, A., Losa, G. & Mc Donald, N., The Development of a Unique Report for Performance Monitoring in an Airline Safety Management System, Journal of the Safety and Reliability Society, 29, (4), 2009, p17 - 34 Journal Article, 2009

Leva M.C., Kay, A., Cahill J, Losa G., & Mc Donald N, Collaborative prototyping in the development of an accident reporting form, Irish Egonomics Society, Annual Review, June, 2009, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

M.C. Leva, A.M. Kay, F.Mattei, T. Kontogiannis,M. De Ambroggi, S.Cromie, Dynamic Task Representation Method for a Virtual Reality Application , HCI International , San Diego, U.S.A, July 19-24, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009

Case study in RAF Boeing E3D Sentry in, editor(s)Stanton, N.A., Baber, C. and Harris, D. , Modelling Command and Control- event Analysis of Systematic Teamwork, Hampshire, UK, Ashgate, 2008, pp157 - 180, [Kay, A., Lowe, M., Salmon, P.S., Stewart, R., Tatlock, K. and Wells, L. ] Book Chapter, 2008

A. M. Kay, M.C. Leva, S.D. Cromie, N. Solazzi, Competency Framework - A particular use in the technical domain, Psychological Society of Ireland/British Psychological Society joint annual conference, Dublin, April 4-8, 2008 Conference Paper, 2008

Stewart, R.J., Stanton, N.A., Harris, D., Baber, C., Salmon, P., Mock, M., Tatlock, K., Wells, L. and Kay, A. , Distributed Situational Awareness in Airborne Warning and Control Aircraft: application of a novel ergonomics methodology, Cognition, Techology and Work, 10, 2008, p221 - 229 Journal Article, 2008

Lower, M., Kay, A.M., Thomas, L.J. and Muir, H., Localizable sound and its application in guiding passengers towards exits during aircraft evacuations, The Fourth Triennial International Aircraft Fire and Cabin Safety Research Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 15-18 November, 2004 Conference Paper, 2004

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

McDonald, N., Ward, M., Morrison, R., Corrigan, S., Leva, M.C., Cahill, J. & Kay, A., Systemic Human Factors for Ultra Safe Aviation, Irish Ergonomic Review, 2015 Journal Article, 2015


Awards and Honours

UK Ergonomics Society President's Medal 'for significant contributions to original research, the development of methodology and the application of knowledge within the field of ergonomics' 2008