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Rahul Sambaraju
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sambaraju, R, Trolling as an accomplishment: Discursive approaches to examining online (Twitter) trolling, Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2019 Journal Article, 2019

Discourse of Corruption and Anti-Corruption in, editor(s)Seabrook, J. , Corruption, Social Sciences and the Law: Exploration across the disciplines., London, Routledge, 2019, [McVittie, C. & Sambaraju, R.] Book Chapter, 2019

Rahul Sambaraju, 'I've had women just scream because they saw me comin': Some epistemic issues in Black peoples' accounts of racism in India," , 69th Annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, Washington, D.C., 24-29 May, 2019, 2019 Conference Paper, 2019

Sambaraju, R.; Minescu, A., 'I have not witnessed it personally myself, but ': epistemics in managing talk on racism against immigrants in Ireland, European Journal of Social Psychology, 2018 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Sambaraju, R., "We are happy we welcome this decision what our Prime Minister has taken": Political subjectivities in populist politics during demonetization (2016) in India, Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 28, (6), 2018, p446-459- Journal Article, 2018

Making the Everyday Political: The Case of Janapada Geyalu as Protest Songs in the Telangana State Formation Movement, India in, editor(s)Dillane, A, Power, M., Devereuax, E. & Haynes, A. , Songs of Social Protest: International Perspectives, London, UK., Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018, pp234-251 , [Sambaraju, R.] Book Chapter, 2018

Rahul Sambaraju, Chris McVittie, Philip Nolan, 'This is an EU crisis requiring an EU solution': Nation and transnational talk in negotiating warrants for further inclusion of refugees, Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 27, (2), 2017, p169--178 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Rahul Sambaraju, Chris McVittie, The European Union and the refugee 'crisis': Inclusion, challenges, and responses, Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 27, (2), 2017, p99--104 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Rahul Sambaraju, Chris McVittie, Karen Goodall, Andy McKinlay, 'Just an Excuse People Are Just Using These Days': Attending to and Managing Interactional Concerns in Talk on Exclusion of Immigrants, Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 36, (6), 2017, p654-674 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 27, 2, (2017), 97 - 178p, Sambaraju, R; McVittie, C., [eds.] Journal, 2017 URL

Sambaraju R, Sammon M, Harnett F, & Douglas E., 'Her choice of course': Negotiating legitimacy of 'choice' in abortion rights deliberations during the 'Repeal the Eighth' movement in Ireland., Journal of Health Psychology, 23, (8), 2017, p263-276 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

R. Sambaraju, Book review: Arabella Lyon, Deliberative Acts: Democracy, Rhetoric, and Rights, Discourse & Society, 26, (3), 2015, p399--401 Journal Article, 2015

Mckinlay, A., Mcvittie, C., Sambaraju, R., 'This is ordinary behaviour': Categorization and culpability in Hamas leaders' accounts of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, British Journal of Social Psychology, 51, (4), 2012, p534-550 Journal Article, 2012

McVittie, C., McKinlay, A., Sambaraju, R., Social psychology, religion and inter-group relations: Hamas leaders' media talk about their vision for the future, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 21, (6), 2011, p515-527 Journal Article, 2011

McVittie, C., Sambaraju, R., McKinlay, A., "There will only be lots of chit-chat": How Hamas leaders and media interviewers handle controversial topics, Research on Language and Social Interaction, 44, (1), 2011, p92-105 Journal Article, 2011

Sambaraju, R., Reiter, E., Logie, R., McKinlay, A., McVittie, C., Gatt, A., Sykes, C., What is in a text and what does it do: Qualitative evaluations of an NLG system - The BT-Nurse - Using content analysis and discourse analysis, ENLG 2011 - 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, Proceedings, 2011, p22-31 Journal Article, 2011

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sambaraju, R., Oppression and access to postsecondary education: Caste-based exclusion in India, 2017, - Miscellaneous, 2017 URL

Research Expertise


Asylum Seekers & Refugees; COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION; Conversation and discourse analysis; Discourse & Dialogue; Discourse analysis; Emigration and the Irish overseas; Imigration policy, Colonial policy, political culture and national identity; Intercultural Communication ; Language and Identity; Mental Health & Communication; MIGRATION and CITIZENSHIP; Peace Psychology; political discourse; Political Participation; Political Psychology; Racism/Race Relations; Refugee/Immigrant Services



Member, American Psychological Association, Division 5

Member, International Society for Political Psychology

Member, International Pragmatics Association