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Progress and Confirmation Meetings

Annual Review - Information for Students

Annual review is an essential requirement for all postgraduate students on the research register (full and part-time) in the School of Psychology.

At what points in my study do I need to complete and submit an Annual Review Report?

  • PhD full-time: Year 1 & 3.
  • PhD part-time: Year 1, 2, 4 & 5.

September Registrants should complete the process no later than 30th June. March Registrants should complete the process no later than 31st January.

Guidelines for the Annual Review Process 

  • The student and their supervisor(s) should complete the Annual Review Report (found at the bottom of this page) and send it to the members of their Thesis Committee for review. Thereafter, a meeting should be arranged between the student and the Thesis Committee to discuss academic progress. Following this meeting and, if appropriate, following discussions between the supervisor(s) and the Thesis Committee, members of the Thesis Committee will sign the Annual Review Report form and indicate whether or not they recommend continuation on the register.
  • In conjunction with this meeting with the Thesis Committee, students will be invited (in June of Year 1 for full-time students and June of Year 2 for part-time students) to deliver a brief presentation on their research progress to staff and students from the School. Students will be notified in advance as to the date and format of this event.

Confirmation Process - Information for Students

The Confirmation Process is a stringent academic assessment for all PhD students to confirm their continuation on the PhD register. As such it is a key milestone along the PhD journey.

When do I need to complete my Confirmation Review?

  • PhD full-time: Year 2.
  • PhD part-time: Year 3.

September Registrants should complete the process no later than 30th June. March Registrants should complete the process no later than 31st January.

Guidelines for the Confirmation Review

Each PhD student must complete the Confirmation Meeting Form (found at the bottom of this page) and prepare a PhD Confirmation Report, in consultation with their supervisor(s). The format of the PhD Confirmation Report will vary according to the nature of the research project and can be guided by the supervisor, but will typically involve:

  1. an example of the student’s writing – a sample chapter from their thesis, an article in preparation etc. (max 5,000 words)
  2. a timeline detailing the remaining months of the PhD, what tasks need to be completed, anticipated obstacles etc. (max 1,000 words)
Students must ensure that these documents are submitted to the members of their Thesis Committee two weeks in advance of the Confirmation Meeting. A copy should also be sent to The Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) will chair the Confirmation Meeting. In attendance will be the student, the Thesis Committee, and the student’s supervisor and/or co-supervisor(s).

The structured elements of the PhD should normally be completed by the point of confirmation interview, including the mandatory module on Research Integrity (CA 7000). Students should also be prepared to discuss their Professional Development Plan and identify research or multidimensional skills key to their professional growth.

Academic Progress of Research Students – Masters and PhD Timelines