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Research People

Academic Staff 


Research Interests

Dr. BRACKEN, Maeve

Applied behavioural analysis, autism

Prof. BYRNE, Ruth M.J.

Cognitive science of human thinking, reasoning and imagination.

Prof. CARSON, Richard

Cognitive neuroscience, human motor control, neurological rehabilitation

Dr. MCCAULEY, Mathew

Post-traumatic stress, occupational mental health, psychotherapy

Dr. CORRIGAN, Siobhán

Knowledge management & organisational learning; change management, human factors

Dr. CREANER, Mary  

Psychotherapy research, clinical supervision


Human factors competence and training

Dr. CUSACK, Rhodri

The emergence of cognition in infants, perinatal brain injury, neuroimaging methods


Clinical supervision and clinical psychology training


Human evoked potentials, sustained attention, executive control

Mr. DU BERRY, Mark

Psychotherapy(long-term), group therapy

Dr. EUSTACE, Susan

Counselling psychology and psychotherapy; anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, abuse, chronic illness

Ms. FELL, Mary

Long term adult mental health difficulties, service evaluation and psychotherapy.


Eating disorders, developmental psychopathology, depression.

Dr, GILLAN, Claire

Computational psychiatry, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, eating disorders

Dr. GORMLEY, Michael

Implicit cognition, addiction, sexual offending, driver behaviour.

Ms. HANNIGAN, Barbara

Counselling psychology and psychotherapy research

Prof. HEALY, Olive

Applied behaviour analysis, autism spectrum disorders

Dr. HEVEY, David

Psychological aspects of coronary heart disease, risk perception, quality of life

Dr. KELLY, Clare

Cognitive Neuroscience, fMRI, individual differences

Dr. NACI, Lorina

Disorders of consciousness, brain injury, altered states of consciousness


Human factors and organisational aspects of safety in risk sensitive industries including aviation. Analysis and management of risk. Innovation and change in organisations.

Prof. NEWELL, Fiona

Multisensory perception; object and face recognition; sensory deprivation

Dr. NIXON, Elizabeth

Developmental psychology, social development of children

Dr. O'CONNELL, Redmond

Cognitive Neuroscience: attention, executive function, self-awareness

Dr. O’CONNOR, John

Psychoanalytic theory; obsessive compulsive disorder; depression

Prof. O'MARA, Shane

Biology of learning and memory; mechanisms of brain repair


Neuropsychology, brain plasticity and neurorehabilitation.


Critical psychology; language acquisition and development

Dr. SWORDS, Lorraine

Developmental psychology, child and adolescent mental health


Criminological psychology and forensic investigation, policing

Dr. TIERNEY, Kevin

Behavioural analysis; applied behaviour analysis; computerphobia

Dr. TIMULAK, Ladislav

Psychotherapy research, development of empirically based psychotherapy

Dr. VALLIÈRES, Frédérique

Global mental health, global psychotraumatology, applications of psychology for health system

Dr. WHELAN, Robert

Cognitive neuroscience, ageing, addiction, machine learning

Dr. WILSON, Charlotte

Behavioural and emotional disorders in children


Research Staff


Research Interests


Research Centre

Dr. BRENNAN, Sabina

Research Assistant Professor

Brain Health, Cognitive Reserve, Development and evaluation of interventions and educational materials to promote brain health and minimise the impact of disease, injury and ageing on cognitive function.


Dr. TSANOV, Marian

Research Assistant Professor

Freely-behaving electrophysiology, optogenetics, single-unit spiking and local field oscillations, episodic memory, experience-dependent synaptic plasticity, reinforcement learning, information processing in neuronal networks, sensorimotor signal synchronization, attractors modelling.


Dr. BARANZINI, Daniele

Quantitative analysis in research design and Applications. Coincidence Modelling and Causal analysis in complex system design and control. System reliability, availability and dependability in organizational and cognitive ergonomics. Human systems integration in socio-tech systems.

Nick McDonald



Neuropsychological factors that underlie emotional and behavioral disorders in adolescents and young adults. This includes (i) emotional distress adolescents and young adults with ADHD and (ii) acquisition and maintenance of Anxiety Disorders. Cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychopathology, and psychology of learning

Robert Whelan


Dr. CALLAGHAN, Charlotte

Neurobiology of learning and memory, synaptic plasticity, major depressive disorder, anorexia nervosa and chemobrain, and the development and implementation of therapeutic interventions in disease.

Shane O'Mara


Dr. CAHILL, Joan

Human Factors, Human Machine Interaction (theory and methods), incorporating psychological concepts in the design of new technology, technology-based interventions and supports in healthcare, designing technology to support social processes, assistive technologies, cyber-psychology, automation, philosophy of technology, work analysis, safety/risk management, human error and reliability, Crew Resource Management (CRM), performance management, well-being, and phenomenology.

Nick McDonald


Dr. CALLARI, Tiziana C.

Human Factors/Ergonomics, Human Factors methods supporting design and operations, Qualitative methods, socio-technical systems (theory and design), organisational psychology, Development and evaluation of interventions to improve safety in the health sector

Nick McDonald


Dr. COOKE, Michael

Human Factors, organisational psychology, crisis and emergency management, aerospace psychology, organizational and societal aspects of security and policing, human-computer interaction (HCI), computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), sociocultural psychology, the psychology/phenomenology of lived-experience, sociotechnical systems design, ethnographic methodology, activity theory, knowledge management.

Nick McDonald


Dr. COONEY, Sarah

Multisensory Cognition; joint attention, numerical cognition, body perception.

Fiona Newell


Dr. CROWLEY, Katie

Affective Computing; Psychophysiology; Brain Computer Interfaces; Biometrics.


Dr. DILLINGHAM, Christopher

Systems neuroscience, single unit electrophysiology, mnemonic function

Shane O'Mara


Dr. FARINA, Francesca

Age-related changes in memory functioning, behavioural tasks and brain recordings (high density electroencephalography; EEG) to measure short-term memory performance in older adults.

Robert Whelan & Redmond O’Connell


Dr. FROST, Bethany

Mechanisms of spatial navigation in subcortical areas

Shane O’Mara


Dr. HOLMES, Corinne

Multisensory perception and development; mathematical cognition; spatial memory and navigation

Fiona Newell


Dr. KEOGH, Daragh

Emotion-Focused Therapy; emotional transformation in psychotherapy; Generalised Anxiety Disorder; Transdiagnostic treatment protocols; psychotherapy research methodology; case studies; case study metasynthesis.

Ladislav Timulak


Dr. KIISKI, Hanni

Social cognitive neuroscience; the perception of traits and intentions from faces, voices and body motion; multisensory perception; attractiveness; cognitive functions in neurological conditions; electrophysiology and neuropsychology.

Robert Whelan


Dr. LAWLER, Margaret

Health behaviour change, physical activity, motivation, body image, mindfulness

David Hevey


Dr. LISTON, Paul

Nick McDonald


Dr. MAMAD, Omar

Electrophysiology and behavioural study related to the memory

Marian Tsanov



Sensory neurosciences. How the brain uses incoming sensory information to form perceptual decisions, whether similar processes underlie the combination of sensory information within and between the senses, and how these processes are affected by ageing. Development of training regimes to maintain and improve perceptual function in young and old populations.

Redmond O'Connell



Development, implementation and research of technology delivered interventions for mental health. In particular I have an interest in researching such interventions for high prevalence disorders such as depression and anxiety. I am also interested to investigate the transferability of such technology delivered interventions into Latin America.

Ladislav Timulak


Dr. ROFES, Adria

Clinical linguistics: dementia, brain tumours, stroke, assessment/outcomes, test standardization. Brain mapping: EEG, DES, fMRI, tractography Psycholinguistics: lexico-semantics, morphosyntax, nouns/verbs, spontaneous speech, time reference

Paul Dockree & Brian Lawlor


Dr. ROUINE, Jennifer

Pre-clinical behavioural neuroscience, neuropsychopharmacology, depression, cognition and motivation.

Shane O'Mara


Dr. RUDDY, Kathy

Cognitive neuroscience. Human motor control. Neural plasticity. Human neuroimaging. Human electrophysiology, Sensorimotor systems. Neurofeedback. Neural oscillations.

Robert Whelan



EEG and fMRI analysis, spectral analysis, source estimation methods, multivariate statistics, machine learning, and longitudinal analysis, bimanual task difficulty, motor learning, motor control and inhibition, aging, ADHD, and brain development.

Robert Whelan


Dr. VAHEY, Nigel

Implicit cognition, habitual behaviour & impulsivity; population neuroscience; addiction (particularly tobacco-related); Relational Frame Theory (RFT); Contextual Behavioral Science; issues of replicability in science.

Robert Whelan


Research Students

Name Title of Research Degree Supervisor
Abu-Agla, Ayat Siddig Yousif Migration management policy for health professionals Ph. D. Frédérique Vallieres
Aldamann, Kinan Managerial practises to ensure the wellbeing of humanitarian volunteers Ph. D. Frédérique Vallieres
Bohacek, Marek The neural correlates of economic based decision making Ph. D. Redmond O'Connell & Pete Lunn
Brand, Charles Counselling in Primary Care in Ireland - A National Evaluation of Clinical and Cost Effectiveness Ph. D. Ladislav Timulak
Brosnan, Méadhbh Bríd  Enhancing plasticity in older adults via Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Ph. D. Ian H Robertson & Paul Dockree
Bulbulia, Jenny   Fostering professional wellbeing at a personal, professional and organisational level: an international study of social workers Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Byrne, Sadhbh An exploration of the factors associated with parents’ and peers' responses to the presentation depressive symptoms in adolescents Ph. D. Lorraine Swords & Elizabeth Nixon
Calvert, Glenn Hans Mark Neural mechanisms mediating cross-education of motor function across the lifespan Ph. D. Richard Geoffrey Carson
Corrigan, Maria Factors that impact on decision-making capacity of older adults Ph. D. Kevin Tierney
Cremen, Iseult Anna Coordinated Movement Training to Enhance Movement Function in Older Adults Ph. D. Richard Geoffrey Carson
Cremin, Katie The secondary school experience for students with autism spectrum disorder: behavioural and social perspectives Ph. D. Olive Healy
Devine, Ciara Anne Investigating the neurophysiological mechanisms of perceptual decision making in the human brain Ph. D. Redmond O’Connell
Duggan, Glen Emotional Shifting - A Grounded Theory of laughter Ph. D. Kevin Tierney
Dully, Jessica The impact of cognitive aging on perceptual decision making Ph. D. Redmond O’Connell
Fitzgerald, Lisa Uncovering the neural signature involved in metacognition: self-awareness of metacognitive performance monitoring across cognitive domains in individuals with Acquired Brain Injury Ph. D. Paul Michael Dockree
Gaffney, Megan Risk and resiliency factors for suicidability in Irish adolescents: an evidence based tool Ph. D. Tim Trimble
Gormley, Laura Dissemination of evidence-based practice to professionals working in the field of intellectual disability Ph. D. Olive Healy
Haahr-Pedersen, Ida Investigating Poly-victimization in Child Abuse Cases Ph. D. Frédérique Vallieres
Hanlon, Holly Rose Experience, Impact and Understanding of Anxiety in Secondary School Students in Ireland Ph. D. Lorraine Swords
Hannigan, Barbara Elizabeth Renowned master therapist academics: personal lives and professional mastery - a life-story approach Ph. D. Jean Mary Quigley
Hayes, Elke Cliona Differential adjustment in siblings following parental separation and divorce Ph. D. Elizabeth Nixon
Hernandez, Lesley Ann Physical Activity for Autism Spectrum Disorders Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Ho, Pik Ki The psychology and neural correlates of visual aesthetics – insights from architecture and faces Ph. D. Fiona Newell
Hughes, Sarah Alicia Stress and coping in adolescence Ph. D. Lorraine Swords & Charlotte Wilson
Islam, Md Nurul Development of analysis platform and methods to understand the neuronal encoding of cognitive map in freely behaving rats. Ph. D. Shane Michael O'Mara
Jollans, Lee Endophenotypes of nicotine dependence Ph. D. Robert Whelan
Kelly, Linda The influence of father-child interactions on child developmental outcomes Ph. D. Jean Quigley & Elizabeth Nixon
Lacey, Eric Anthony Self-awareness in Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease and healthy aging Ph. D. Paul Dockree
Lambe, Kathryn Ann Debiasing doctors: Clinical decision-making among medical students, junior doctors and established Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey & Brendan Kelly
Maddock, Alan Mindfulness and dermatology Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Martel, Adrien Neurofeedback for vigilance deficits in elderly people Ph. D. Ian H Robertson
Martin, Maggie Evaluation of Irish Primary School Road Safety Education Ph. D. Michael Gormley
Mc Carthy, Odhran An evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of a group based cognitive behavioural treatment for individuals with social anxiety disorder and an exploration of the pre-treatment variables (moderators) that influence treatment outcomes Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Mc Caughan, Cora Analysis of the quality of reports of serious incidents which were completed in 2014 with analysis of the key causal and contributory factors to identify trends in the factors that contributed to serious incidents Ph. D. Nicholas Mc Donald & Samuel David Cromie
Mc Veigh, Joanne An assessment of the perceived effectiveness of Positive Psychology interventions in the maritime context Ph. D. Malcolm Mac Lachlan
Melnychuk, Michael Christopher Breath control, attention and locus coeruleus function Ph. D. Paul Dockree & Ian H Robertson
Molloy, Brendan A machine learning approach to the classification and prediction of cannabis use in a large adolescent population Ph. D. Robert Whelan
Moran, Catherine Nora Age-related differences in mind-wandering: Triangulation of self-report, behavioural, and electrophysiological measures Ph. D. Paul Dockree
Moylett, Sinead Dual information processing of cardiovascular disease risk perception: an examination of the extended parallel process model Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Murtagh, Aoife Marie Josephine

The Mental Health Impact of Aphasia - Risk Factors and Mediating Factors

M. Sc. Paul Dockree
Naghdali, Farzad Integration of human factors at design stage in the oil and gas industry Ph. D. Samuel David Cromie
O'Halloran, Laura Identifying risk and resilinece factors for patterns of substance misuse in young adulthood Ph. D. Robert Whelan
Oliveira, Matheus Cafalchio De Differential and complementary roles of septal and ventral tegmental neuromodulatory systems on hippocampal spatial representation Ph. D. Marian Tsanov & Shane O’Mara
O Leary, Tara A family study of adolescent type 1 diabetes. Investugating the impact of parenting on psychological outcomes for adolescents with T1D Ph. D. Charlotte Emma Wilson & Elizabeth Nixon
O'Neill, Terence Stephen Supervisee transfer of learning Ph. D. Mary Creaner & Ladislav Timulak
O'Sullivan, Nuala Maire Sheila An Investigation into staff behavioural influences on Surgical Site Infections Ph. D. David Thomas Hevey
Perera Aladro, Camila Assessing the implementation of the PM+ intervention for Syrian refugees in primary and community health care centres in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey. Ph. D. Frédérique Vallieres
Ramey, Devon Michelle Enhancing Self-Determination in Children with Autism via Behavioural Interventions Ph. D. Olive Healy
Ross, Derek Interorganisational Coordination in Emergency Management Ph. D. Nicholas Mc Donald
Rossiter, Charlotte An examination of the effectiveness of a Precision Teaching Model within a Response to Intervention framework targeting early literacy development with young children within marginalised communities Ph. D. Olive Healy
Rys, Wouter Robrecht The neural determinants of decision making Ph. D. Redmond O’Connell
Salamanca, Alicia Culturally adapted congitive behavioural online treatment for college students with depressive symptoms in Colombia Ph. D. Ladislav Timulak & Derek Richards
Seow, Xing Fang Tricia Avoidance as a neurocognitive marker for ‘Social Withdrawal’ Ph. D. Claire Gillan
Sheridan, Audrey Christina  Emotion understanding in a clinical sample of 8 to 10 year old children Ph. D. Jean Mary Quigley & Charlotte Wilson
Sherwood, Larissa Identifying context-specific risk or discrete trauma-exposed PSNI officer populations Ph. D. Frédérique Vallieres
Strahan, Orla Viral HepatitisC Associated Neurocognitive Dysfunction in Ireland in the direct-acting antiviral era Ph. D. Paul Dockree & Robert Coen
Summerville, Joan Evaluation of the TTT Programme and its Effects on achieving healthy psychosexual functioning in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland Ph. D. Olive Healy
Timmons, Shane Processes that underlie moral judgement Ph. D. Ruth Mary Josephine Byrne

PhD students in the School of Psychology are currently supported by funding from Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarships (14) and TCD Postgraduate Awards (5), or by grants held by academic staff from the Health Research Board (2), European Commission (2), European Research Council (2), Wellcome Trust (1), Templeton Foundation (1), and other sources such as TCD Foundation Scholarship (1), Susi (1), Shell (1), and Brazil Science without Borders (1), and some students are self-funded.

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